The Hidgi Chuan killer cult strikes! Attack on Franz de Bÿl’s private music school & apartment

[german version]

Unfortunately, we have to recall our last blog post „To new shores“ in every respect and again resort to the weapons of Internet warfare:
Alain Schmitt aka Idgi Xuan aka Hidgi Chuan and his blind followers (…Sort of: If the master is not blind, at least his pupils must be) have become active again in the matter of the „New Testament persecution and annihilation of the devilish musician Franz de Bÿl“ – and for the first time they have become extremely violent.
Thus on Saturday, 15.06.19 against 05:30 o’clock an attack was committed on Franz de Bÿl’s music school and apartment – with considerable material damage and enormous reputation, slander and business damage potential:20190609_134040That must have been at least 2 Sekties, who not only smashed the (burglar-proof and therefore pig expensive) window with a kind of square tube or a jack, but also sprayed the two windows with these letters in red color with two prefabricated templates:
20190608_085305We think:

Now it’s time to stop having fun!
Fight the Guru and his followers! Fire free!

Although from our knowledge of the individual followers as suspects only Stefan Höcht, Melanie Woiski and Jesse Sievers – possibly also Joan Simon or Michael Klaus – come into question, but it is clear who the instigator is: Alain Schmitt, who is his entire cult member up to his own daughter (!).??) to publish all kinds of infamous and defamatory high-10-verious videos on Rutube and other portals, in which Franz de Bÿl is released for shooting down and in which merciless calls are made for all conceivable stalking, mobbing and boycott attacks against the Berlin musician.
Boycott calls like this one here (June 05, 2019 in front of the ARTStalker):IMG-20190606-WA0011(4 female Sekties stand behind fltr: Melanie Woiski, Mariam Senousy, Madalina Gheorghe [covered by man in front], Jesse Sievers)
Here again photographed by another guest:
IMG_20190605_195009(fltr now: Madalina Gheorghe, Melanie Woiski, Mariam Senousy, Jesse Sievers)
All armed with DinA6 large flyers with which they penetrated the audience, which then arrived, and which looked so:
Sievers-Flyer_05.06.19Don’t these people notice anything anymore?????? How brainwashed must they be that they have lost all instinct and common sense and have thrown all sense of truth, sense of justice and common sense overboard.
Angela Merkel said that truth must not be called lies and lies must not be called truth – but the Sekties and their guru shit on it quite a lot!
Ancient tactics:
One accuses the enemy of all the atrocities, which one fully made oneself, does or plans and in this way turns the tables: According to the motto:

We were only the first to shoot back!

The perpetrator becomes a victim – but we don’t let ourselves be deceived, because we know the whole truth (do you understand Mr. Schmitt? The truth, not your lies!!).

Franz de Bÿl is at the latest in an acute self-defence situation by the attacks exercised on him!
He is a pensioner and only gets a basic supplementary insurance,
because his pension is only about 300 €.
He now needs our solidarity and help!
We therefore call on everyone to support Franz de Bÿl so that he can open a new window and preferably a video surveillance camera and afford to take legal action against his tormentors!
We know that he now also urgently needs legal support!
So please donate masses to our donation account:

KoKo In.Sekten.Gift!
Berlin VB Berlin
IBAN: DE83 1009 0000 2639 1240 05
Subject: Franz de Bÿl ./. Alain Schmitt & Associates

Every amount helps! If you want to help differently, contact FdB directly. You can find his contact details on his website.

This hustle and bustle must finally be stopped!

Thanks to you and humanistic greetings – the In.Sekten.Gift! networkers

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